The Factors to Consider When Getting the Services of an Attorney

There will come a time when you will need to get an attorney to assist you in legal matters, cases such as divorce, labor rights, and neighbor disputes to name a few. When you find in a situation that need some backing-up by a lawyer, do not just grab the directory or go to Google and hire the first name that pops in your search. Take note of the qualities an excellent lawyer possesses and let it be your guide when looking for an attorney that will back you up and represent you when needed.

  • Referral from your inner circle: You may ask your friends, relatives, or officemates if they could refer a good lawyer to you. If the specialization of the lawyer referred to you by your inner circle does not match the situation you are in, do not despair. The lawyer being referred to you definitely knows other lawyers, and that will lead you to the attorney that best matches your case.
  • Yellow pages, print advertisement, and the internet: Most lawyers in the USA are listed in the yellow pages, or they advertise their services by posting their profile in print ads or over the internet. Some lawyers even have a website of their own where relevant information pertaining to law and legal practices is included, as well as their areas of expertise, scope of responsibilities as a lawyer, rate and payments, clients’ feedback, and many more.
  • Client feedback: When hiring a lawyer, it is important that you ask around so you can learn of what the past clients have to say about the legal service rendered to them by the lawyer you are eyeing for. If the past clients are more than satisfied of the services and work of the lawyer, it is very possible that you will be satisfied with the service of the lawyer as well.
  • Rate and fees: One of the most important things to consider when hiring an attorney is the rate: how much are you willing to shell out when you hire an attorney to represent you. Hiring a lawyer may not be that easy to the pocket, but getting one will surely be more beneficial in the end. Take note also that the rate of attorneys are not the same for everyone, as some cases are more costly to handle than the others.

To be able to determine if the attorney is the right one for you, schedule a meet-up so you can talk to the lawyer face to face, talk about your case, and negotiate the fees and rate that he is asking. When you meet the attorney, the things that you have to ask him are the following:

  • His area of specialization
  • How much he is charging for the initial meeting or initial consultation
  • How much the case shall cost you
  • Ask if he has already encountered a case similar to yours, and the outcome of the case
  • How long shall it take to resolve the case